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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Minase Yashiro

Minase Yashiro is a Japanese model and actress

Yashiro Minase was born on February 13 1985 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Minase Yashiro started modeling in 2006 as a Gravure idol (bikini model)

Yashiro Minase modeling work can be seen in a number of print publications as well as DVDs such as 1st by any means, Positive, SHANGRILA!, Everyone it is Chu and many others.

in 2007 Minase Yashiro starred in the film Machine Girl. The film has become a recent Cult hit.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Judith Hill

Judith Hill is a singer form Pasadena CA.

Judith Hill is bi-racial, her mother is Japanese and her father is African-American.

Judith Hill come onto the world stage when she sang Heal the World at Michael Jackson's memoriual services on July 7th 2009. Judith Hill was originally going to sign back up for the king of pop's 50 gigs come back tour in England.

Judith Hill graduated from Biola University in LA, with a bachelor of music degree in music composition

Judith Hill can also played Tanya on the album version of the musical Bare.


Friday, July 03, 2009

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls is a Kpop singing Group

Wonder Girls got their start in 2006 on the MTV show MTV Wonder Girls, it was a reality show that covered the group preforming.

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so far MTV Wonder Girls has been on for 3 seasons

in 2007 Wonder girls released their Ep album the Wonder Begins fallowed by their first album the wonder years.

the next year the Wonder Girls released 2 more albums So Hot and then The Wonder years trilogy.

also in 2008 Wonder Girls had another show called the Wonder Bakery.

in 2009 Wonder Girls can be seen in their show Welcome to Wonderland