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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maggie Cheung

the award winning actress Maggie Cheung has appeared in many many films. she was a regular in Jackie Chan's Police Story films, she acted along side Jet Li in Hero and Flying Daggers, a druggie in Clean, just to name a few.

Maggie Cheung was born in Hong Kong on September 20th 1964 but grew up mostly in the UK. Which she thinks help her in here acting because it gave her the chance to learn different languages, where many Chinese actors at the time only spoke in Cantonese.

when she return in Hong Kong in 83 she started working in beauty pageant, a year later she would start acting. Her first film was Shi lian zhuan jia. Most of Maggie Cheung early roles where just minor eye candy parts


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nakama Yukie

Yukie Nakama (also know as Yuki Megumi) started her career as one of those hugely popular Japenese pop idols but has managed to stay in the spotlight even though see no longer a teen/early 20 something.

starting her acting and singer career in 1996 by having roles in such shows as Mou gaman dekinai and Itazura na Kiss and releasing the singles Moonlight to Daybreak and True. As well as acting in the movie Tomoko no baai.

after releasing singles for two years in 1998 Nakama Yukie released the album Melody of distant day.

Yukie Nakama did the theme songs for Megaman X4, Haunted Junction and The Prince of Darkness.

But it maybe acting that Yukie Nakama is best known. She has been in number of tv shows such as the live action version of Gokusen, the Trick series (plus their movies), Tokyo Wankei, Kao, Mokuyou no kaidan #15, and many more.

Nakama Yukie was also in some popular films such as Love and Pop, Gamera 3, Ringu 0:Birthday, G@me, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade and Oh Oku.