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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eriko Tamura

Eriko Tamura is a Japanese Pop singer as well as an actress

Tamura has had a long career as a singer and so far as released a total of 10 albums (not bad giving that in Japan most singer careers last shorter then the flash in the pan speed of most american singers) that started when she was only 13 (with the album

Eriko Tamura can be seen the American TV show Heroes (where she plays Yaeko, Hiro's love interest in fedual Japan) as well as the up coming Dragonball Z movie.

Eriko Tamura was January 16 1973 in Katsuta, Ibaraki, Japan

Eriko Tamura aslo goes under the stage name Eririn.

Eriko also has a cartoon show based on her called Idol Densetsu Eriko.