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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi was born Yuriko Kikuchi on January 6th 1981 in Minamigaoka, Hadano-shi,
Kanagawa-ken, Japan.

In 1997 Rinko Kikuchi (then still going by the name Yuriko) appeared on the TV show Gakkô no kaidan F.

two years later Rinko Kikuchi made her film debut in the Kaneto Shindo movie Ikitai (Will to Live)

Rinko Kikuchi didn't change her stage name until around 2004 when she appeared in the film 69.

In 2004 Rinko Kikuchi was nominated for an Oscar for her role in movie Babel. This made Rinko Kikuchi the first Japanese actress to be nominated for the Academy Awards in over 50 years. Sadly she didn't win.

Some of the films Rinko Kikuchi appeared in include The Brothers Bloom, Sora no Ana, Cha no Aji (the taste of tea), Survive Style 5+, Warau Michael, Nice no Mori: The First Conta, Saidoweizu (Japanese remake of the film sideways), Norwegian Wood, Asaruto gâruzu, Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, DRUG, Ryo and many others.

Rinko Kikuchi also starred on the tv show Churasan. As well as Ai to Shihonshugi, he private detective Mike Hama, Kawaii dakeja Dame kashira, and Uchu ni Ichiban Chikai basho.