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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Moon Kana

the model, Jpop star, and artist and designer known under both the names Kana and Moon was born January 26, 1986 in Okyo, Japan.

Kana started her career as a model for the magazine Gothic Lolita Bible and has done some work for other gothic lolita fashion magazines.

in 1996 Moon Kana joined the electronica band Starblues, for a short period of time. Four years later Moon Kana went solo with her maxi solo Hebi-Ichigo. the next year Kana Moon released her first album Doubutsu-teki Ningen (translated in englisih that would be Animal-Like Human)

in 2002 Kana released the album Kikai-Teki Ningen (Machine-like Human)and the next year she released Ningen-Teki Ningen (Human-like Human)

in 2005 Kana released the Supeido (Spade) album

In 2007 Tsuki no Usagi (Moon Rabbit) it was with this album that Kana changed her name to MOON 香奈 kana.