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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shu Qi

Shu Qi (sometimes credited as Qi Shu, Hsu Chi, Hsu Qi, Shu Qui and Shu Kei) is a Taiwanese model and actress.

Shu Qi started her career modeling for adult magazines.

Qi Shu broke into acting when she was discovered by producer/director/writer/actor Manfred Wong. Who is her manager.

Shu Qi first acting role was in the adult film, Sex & Zen 2 (Yu po tuan er zhi yu nu xia jing).

Shu Qi starred in Category III movies (Chinese adult film's) for about 2 years before breaking into the mainstream.

Shu Qi has started in such moves as The Transpoter, The Eye 2, The Storm Riders, Young and Dangerous V and So Close.

Shu Qui is known as "the face that launched a thousand products" because she has been in so many ads for products selling across Asia. In fact she turned down a role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to do a commerical in Japan.

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Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada (nicknamed Fukakyon) is a model, actress and singer.

Fukada Kyoko has appeared in such movies as

Ringu 2 (drop the u if you can't figure out what the american remake of this film was titled)

Kamikaze Girls, Strawberry on the Shortcake, Fugoh Keiji, Onmyoji 2 and Dolls.

Kyoko Fukada also acted in the show friends (no not that one) which is historical for the fact that it was the first time a show was jointly made with a Japanes and South Korean staff.

Kyoko Fukada albums include

and a remix album called Flow


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